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Changing Nature of Forced Migration: Vulnerabilities and Responsibilities in South and South-East Asia

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Protracted conflicts, unequal burden sharing, climate change, globalization, and shifting policies regarding immigration, asylum, work and development are changing the nature of forced displacements and blurring the line between forced migration and economic migration. This book looks at migration dynamics of South and Southeast Asia examining these shifts to contribute to a more interdisciplinary and comprehensive picture of migration for both research and policy-making.  We highlight research about migration patterns of groups that are often invisible in the study of migration—women, IPDs, environmental refugees and migrants, South-South migrants, and those that stay behind. Questions addressed in this book include:

•How do the causes and consequences of the vulnerabilities of refugees, internally displaced persons (IDPs), trafficked peoples and migrant workers intersect and diverge?

•How do these groups respond to and manage the challenges that their vulnerabilities pose?

•What do the commonalities and specificities imply for how responsibilities should be distributed among nation-states, the international community, and regional and local actors?

•How are these processes mediated by gender and other identity dimensions implicated in movement of peoples?



Introduction - Changing Nature of Forced Migration: A vulnerability framework by Sara N. Amin and Varuni Ganepola
Part I - Climate Change, Development and Security
Chapter 1 Natural Disasters and Forced Migration: The Case of Tsunami Disaster in Sri Lanka  by Lakshman Dissanayake
Chapter 2 Migration doesn't have to be a Failure to Adapt: An Escape from Environmental Determinism  by François Gemenne
Chapter 3 Factors Influencing Environmental Induced Migration in Sanjiangyuan Area in China  by Meng Xiangjing
Chapter 4 Forced Displacement in the Tehri Dam Project: Whither Gender?  by Vandana Asthana
Part II - Legal and Policy Frameworks
Chapter 5 Immigration, Global Poverty and the Right to Stay  by Kieran Oberman
Chapter 6 Protection without Laws: A Look into the Arbitrariness and Discrimination in Refugee Management in Bangladesh  by Uttam Kumar Das
Chapter 7 International Law, Forced Migrations and the Responsibility to Protect: Examples of Canada, South and South-East Asia  by Melissa Jean-Brousseau
Chapter 8 Vulnerability of Migrants and Responsiveness of the State: The Case of Unskilled Migrant Workers in Kerala, India  by N. Ajith Kumar
Chapter 9 Women's Displacement Experiences: Anthropological Study of Flood IDPs Camp Sukkur, Sindh  by M. Rafique Wassan and Lutaf Ali Mangrio
Part III - Coping Mechanisms
Chapter 10 Coping Strategies in Bangladesh  by Meherun Ahmed
Chapter 11 A Snapshot Case Study of the Urduspeaking Internally Displaced Population in Bangladesh  by Dr. Shujaat Wasty, Dr. Shakib Ahsan, Dr. Bryn Holmes and Dr. Kate Maguire
Chapter 12 Partial Citizenship and the Construction of Self via Financial Capital: A Case Study of Legal Bank Account for Illegal Burmese Migrant Workers in Thailand  by Aparna Malaviya
Chapter 13 Crossing Borders and Shifting Identities: Afghan Women on Move  by Matthew Walsham
Chapter 14 Does Religion Facilitate or Impede Migration?: A Debate from Gender Perspective in Asia  by A.K.M. Ahsan Ullah
Chapter 15 Migration as an Adaptation Strategy: Impacts on Urban Integration?: A Case Study of Bangladeshi Slums in the Light of Environmentally Induced Migration  by Pauline Brücker, Marie-Pierre Arseneault
Epilogue Vulnerabilities and Responsibilities in Forced Migration: Direction for Further Research  by Varuni Ganepola and Sara N. Amin

This book features in: Academic and Reference Books Urban Studies and Migration

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