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Diplomacy in obscurity: A memoir

By Hemayet Uddin (Author)

Publisher(s): The University Press Limited (UPL)   

First Published: 2021 No. of Pages: 235 Weight (kg): 1


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Hemayet Uddin depicts the positives, the thrilling, and as well as exasperations in the conduct of diplomacy. In this transcendental diplomatic memoir, Hemayet Uddin uses an aphorism– diplomacy in obscurity-- to explain the life of a diplomat in making and unmaking history.

Hemayet Uddin's diplomatic career crisscrosses many of the significant political events spanning between the 1970s and the millennium that witnessed quantum leaps. In those formative years - when the country was struggling with resource constraints, economic backwardness,fragile social infrastructure, and some in the outside world yet to visualize the potential of the newly independent country—-efforts by the country's professional diplomats  played a big role in securing a seat in the global stage which did not receive  due appreciation. While for many practitioners, this was one of the reasons for severe frustrations, Hemayet Uddin never relented in sharing his knowledge and experience and offering his advisory notes from a neutral platform. This book is a dispassionate analysis of the events and policies taken by governments on global and regional issues that had direct or indirect impacts on Bangladesh.

Chapter 1 : The Shadows of Obscurity
Chapter 2 : In the Uncharted Waters of Diplomacy
Chapter 3 : Neighbours: The India Chapter
Chapter 4 : The Continuation of Engagement with India
Chapter 5 : Myanmar: A Friendly Neighbour with a Not-So-Friendly Attitude
Chapter 6 : Benelux: My European Sojourn
Chapter 7 : A Dutch Protocol: A Bridge in Troubled Waters
Chapter 8 : Iraq and the Gulf War: Bangladesh’s Diplomatic Initiative in Iraq’s Invasion of Kuwait 1990
Chapter 9 : The Washington DC Chronicles
Chapter 10 : Observing the Us Presidential Elections First Hand
Chapter 11 : Beltway Politics: Courting the US House Foreign Affairs Committee
Chapter 12 : More Drama at the Capitol Hill
Chapter 13 : National Prayer Breakfast Group: The Amazing and Enigmatic Douglas Coe
Chapter 14 : “Tastes Like Chicken”
Chapter 15 : The Thailand Experience: Quantum Leap in Bilateral Relations

Chapter 16 : Cambodia: The King & I … and Something More

Chapter 17 : The China Stint: In Quest of Lasting Friendship

Chapter 18 : The Non-Aligned Movement Summit: A Chinese Bailout
Chapter 19 : North Korea: The Mighty “K” Word

Chapter 20 : The OIC: Combatting Islamophobia


This book features in: Biography International Relations and Security Studies

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