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Governance and Integrity: The National Integrity Systems in Bangladesh

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The National Integrity System (NIS) is the sum of all institutional structures (pillars), legal frameworks, and systematic processes to address governance deficits,corruption and dysfunctional aspects of public institutions and watchdog bodies.Since its articulation, the NIS concept has been used as a basis for qualitatively assessing the vulnerabilities of a given country to corruption and institutional effectiveness in addressing corruption. Collective strength and a strong synergy between and amongst NIS pillars is crucial for the system’s overall effectiveness. Weaknesses in one or more pillars, particularly in the public sector, directly or indirectly affect the other pillars.

Based on the Bangladesh NIS assessment conducted by the authors in August 2012-September 2013 following an internationally developed methodology, this book examines the capacity, role and governance of the Parliament, Executive, Judiciary, Public Administration, Local Government, Police, Comptroller and Auditor General, Election Commission, Anti-Corruption Commission, National Human Rights Commission, Information Commission, Political Parties, Civil Society, Media, and Business.It analyses both the legal framework governing the institutions and actual practice to highlight the gaps between the two and offers a set of practical policy recommendations for better performance of the NIS in Bangladesh.


1. Introduction> National Integrity System (NIS): A Conceptual Framework  / About the National Integrity System (NIS) Study / Objectives / Methodology / Conceptualising Governance, Integrity and Corruption

2. Country Context> Foundations for the National Integrity System / Bangladesh Corruption Profile / Anti-Corruption Initiatives by the Government

3. National Integrity System of Bangladesh> Core Governance Institutions

4. Conclusion> Summary Observations / Pillarwise Strengths and Weaknesses / Continuing Challenges / Recommendations

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