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The Indian National Movement: Raja Ram Mohon Roy Memorial Lectures

By Badruddin Umar (Author)

Publisher(s): The University Press Limited (UPL)   

First Published: 1984 No. of Pages: 152 Weight (kg): 0.5


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The book is an analytical presentation of the Indian national movement which culminated in 1947 with the independence and partition of British India. It describes how regional, racial, linguistic, communal and class contradictions developed among the Indian people and finally the communal contradiction became the decisive factor in Indian politics and national movement at the time of partition. It brings out in some detail the basic factors and considerations which determined the course of political developments-factors and considerations which were almost identical in the case of the Indian National Congress and the All India Muslim League. The book describes how the basic identity of the communal character of both these national organizations, within the structure of bourgeois politics, helped the British colonialists to formulate and implement their divide and rule policy and partition India at the time of independence to suit their imperialist interests.

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