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Khoda Hafez vs Allah Hafez and Other Critical Essays

By Mahfuzur Rahman (Author)

Publisher(s): The University Press Limited (UPL)   

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The themes of the twenty three short essays in this collection vary widely, from the sudden shift of popular preference in favour of Allah Hafez and away from the age-old Khoda Hafez, to the Bengali's propensity to say Oshubidha Nai, or no problem, in a land beset with problems, to limits of freedom to talk about Islam, and Islamist extremism. Communalism; erosion of secularism; Aroj Ali Matubbor; RAB crossfire killings; Asian tsunamis; floods and earthquakes; Professor Muhammad Yunus and economics; Bangladeshi housemaids in foreign lands-these and other equally disparate themes fill the pages of this book. It will be easy to see, however, that a cold stream of critical thinking run through them. The author extends his critical look from the light-hearted Oshubidha Nai to the theme of Islamist extremism in the context of recent events and the modem world.



1. Khoda Hafez Versus Allah Hafez: A Critical Inquiry / 2. Colonialism is Alive and Well, in Unsuspected Places / 3. Oshubidha Nai: No Problem / 4. Shame, Once More / 5. Communalism Revisited / 6. Arjo Ali Matubbor, the Rustic Rebel / 7. Eddies of Thoughts After the Floods / 8. The Monstrous Tsunamis: Humanity, Battered, Triumphs / 9. The Asian Tsunamis and the Tragedy of the Closed Mind / 10. When the Earth Shakes and Man Trembles / 11. While Secularists Slumber / 12. On Graduating from Camel Jockeys to Housemaids / 13. We Must Talk Some More About Rapid Action Battalion Killings / 14. Dr. Mahathir Mohamad’s Antics / 15. Talking About Islam After September Eleven / 16. Violence, Terror, and Islam: A Plea to Abandon the Cocoon / 17. Exploring the Islamic Nexus of “Islamist” Terrorism / 18. The Islamist Terrorist and the Islamic Apologist / 19. On Limits to Freedom to Talk About Islam / 20. The Rise  of Islamist Extremism: Are Mainstream Muslims Blameless?  / 21. To Fight Islamist  Extremism, Say No to Political Islam  / 22. Professor Muhammad Yunus  and Economics / 23. It is Still the Old Economy, Stupid.

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