ISBN: 9 847019 400442

Cover Type: HB

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Leaves of the Sleepless

By Farnaz Mahbub (Author)

Publisher(s): Media Men    

First Published: 2020 No. of Pages: 100 Weight (kg): 0.5


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Foreword/ Auburn Glossary/ Coconut History/ House Of Carols/ Symphony Angel/ Love Song/ Between The Over/ In The Forest She Gazed/ Nightfall Ease/
Water of Luck/ Winter Coat/ Mirrors /Steel Armchair/ Poet's Den/ Beige Instinct/ Hammock Sling/ Capsized Decree/ Window Blink/ Bottle In A Jar/ Dragonfly/ Speaks, The Rain/ As It Narrated/ Tea Garden/ Simplicity/ Childhood Rhythm/ The Limit of Yellow Tail/ Life After Death/ Fragile Strength/ Beneath The Rapture/ Fields of Bravery/ Kerosene Sentience/ The People: Echo Land/ Dream-Catcher/ Heaven's Hindsight/ Like Butterfly on Mango/ The Chopper's Axe/ Shadow of Intensity/ Light In Petals/ Leverage Had It/ War Within/ Chess Board/ One Fine Lagoon/ Her Follow/ Northern Fright/ Salts And Pebbles/ Rusted Monsoon/ Morning Disruption/ Silhouette/ Upper's Will/ Sapphire Belief/ A Message In The Boat/ Truth In Lie/ A Cuckoo's Tune/ The Healing Fortune/ Infinity/ Butter And Ferris Wheel/ Humble Disorder/ When The Lights Drop/ Eclipse Of The Invisible/ Faceless Rumor/ Transfixed/ Conscience Panic/ The Blind Man's Sight/ Kingdom philosophy/Sours on Reverse/Siren/ The Feather's Ache/ The Sapient/ Morning Flashback/ Secretive/ Intuitive Dreaming/ Sleek Warning/ The Courtroom/ Insomnia/ Desolate Flame/ Isolated Wonder/ Delicate Games/ A Mild Evening Stroll/ Peace Is Mine/ Beyond The Ephemeral Signs/ Daydreaming Autumn/ Butterfly's Desire/ Inside/ Fearless Fear/ Dewdrops/ Freedom Height/ Coil/ My Song/Last Strings

This book features in: Literature and Fiction Poetry

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