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Water Development in Bangladesh : Past Present And Future

By S Nazrul Islam (Author)

Publisher(s): The University Press Limited (UPL)   

First Published: 2022 No. of Pages: 775 Weight (kg): 1.5


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This book offers a comprehensive analysis of the water sector of Bangladesh and has four main parts. It begins with the conceptual framework necessary for discussing water policies. It then uses this framework to offer a comprehensive review of the water development projects that were implemented in the past. Next, the book examines the merit of water projects that are either currently: under implementation or planned to be implemented. Finally, the book offers directions in which water development should proceed in the future.

About seventy years ago, a water development strategy, called the Cordon approach, was imposed on Bangladesh, primarily by external agencies. This strategy focused on cordoning off flood and tidal plains from river channels. However, this approach did not serve Bangladesh well. This book shows that deltaic Bangladesh, characterized by high and extreme seasonality of rainfall and sediment flow, requires the Open approach so that rivers can overflow on flood and tidal plains, recharge their ecology, and raise their elevation through sedimentation.

The switch from the Cordon to Open approach however faces challenges arising from both knowledge gap and material interests. This book strives to meet the knowledge gap, generate public discussion, and thereby help to overcome the obstacles related to material interests as well.

A radical change in the direction of water development in Bangladesh has long been overdue. This book can play an important role in bringing about that change.

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