Manuscript Submission

How to Get Published with UPL

Manuscript Submission Guideline

UPL primarily publishes academic and scholarly books. It is advised that writers should refer to our catalog to have an idea of the types and standards of publication that we produce. Please note that UPL does not publish theses, unless the theses have been converted into a book form. Research work on the basis of thesis papers may also be considered.

UPL takes the issue of plagiarism seriously. UPL reserves the right to reject the manuscript based on this criteria. The submitted manuscript should comply with the doctrine of "fair use of copyrighted material" where applicable. If the plagiarism is detected at any stage before publication of the manuscript, the author/ editors(s) will be alerted and advised to address the issue(s) satisfactorily. UPL considers this to be a necessary exercise for making books published under our imprint acceptable and marketable in the global academic domain.

Writers need to send us a proposal that will be evaluated by experts in the relevant field who are on our panel of reviewers.

This proposal should include:

1. Short description of the manuscript or abstract

2. Content list or outline

3. A short biography of the author

4. Introductory chapter

5. A chapter as a sample 

Once the proposal is approved in the primary stage, we generally communicate directly with the author about the manuscript.

How to submit your Proposal/Manuscript

You may submit your proposal/ manuscript to [email protected] with the subject line in this format "Book Proposal_Author/Editor's name_Title of the manuscript”, [ex: Book Proposal_Eirik G. Jansen_Seeing the End of Poverty?: Bhaimara Revisited]

Review and feedback period

We require a minimum of eight (08) weeks to provide you feedback on your submitted manuscript.