The Murti Boys: The Bangladesh War Courses


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The Murti Boys: The Bangladesh War Courses
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It was 1971. A vicious war had broken out in Bangladesh. Thousands joined the fight to free their motherland. But the war also needed officers to lead the thousands in battle. Bright young men, boys rather, were selected for a quick training to become officers at a remote pocket of West Bengal called Murti. Second lieutenants of the first war course would be the first batch of officers to be inducted into the Bangladesh army. Their odds were stacked. They would go down as seditious rebels or gallant saviors. They took the gamble. Some goaded death and fell in battle without a flicker of fright. Some led men to certain doom and returned victorious. Some stabbed the enemy in close combat. Some got away by the skin of their teeth. Each had a story to tell. Daredevils, warriors and lionhearts, this is the story of The Murti Boys.



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